Why I’m Not Celebrating Halloween

Hey guys! Caitlyn from Salt and Light wrote this amazing post on why she and her family don’t celebrate Halloween. I was going to write a post like this one, but Caitlyn beat me to it!

Many think that Halloween is an innocent holiday, and that it doesn’t matter if you’re a Christian and celebrate it. However, Halloween isn’t all that it seems. In this post I want to explain why my family has never celebrated it, and why it is wrong to celebrate Halloween according to God’s Word. I pray that you will keep an open mind as you read this post, and study God’s Word for yourself to get His take on this! 🙂

What you might not know is just how Halloween started. It’s origins come from about 2,000 years ago when the Celtics celebrated a pagan festival that has now become what we call “Halloween.” They called this day “Samhain.” During this festival, they believed that the dead came alive and that the living could visit with the dead. (For more info, see this article)

Furthermore, Halloween is the first day…

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A Fall Sunday Evening Drive// Photo-shoot

Sunday Evening Drive

Hello!  The weekend’s almost over, isn’t that sad?  But to hopefully cheer you up, I took these pictures of my family’s fall Sunday drive that we went on a week ago.  Also, happy fall!  It was officially fall on September 22!  Fall is my favorite season, and then after fall comes winter.  I can’t wait! Continue reading “A Fall Sunday Evening Drive// Photo-shoot”